Spread your wings: experience paragliding in Serra da Estrela!
Spread your wings: experience paragliding in Serra da Estrela!

A word of warning, though: you will have to pinch yourself for the amazing views… Well, make that two words of warning: you will definitely find out why paragliding is such an addictive affair! Paragliding in Serra da Estrela, in particular, is our passion and we would love to share it with you!

Eye-opening experience

We will explore the mountains in the Serra da Estrela range and beyond, but only as far as we can, since safety is paramount in all air activities, and only for as long as you feel confortable. Most people describe free flying as a rather Zen-like experience, which is the main intent by the way… But for the adrenaline junkie in you there is something else too!

Discover why we absolutely love to fly in serra da estrela

Although Serra da Estrela is a small mountain range by most standards, it contains a huge diversity of landscapes and even cultures. This happens because of its rugged terrain and geographic position. Running from SW to NE, there is clearly a wetter west facing side, where you can find Linhares da Beira, for example; and a much drier east facing side, home to Vila do Carvalho. The other main takeoffs, world famous Azinha and Vale de Amoreira, in Manteigas, sit in the middle of the mountains.

Given the right conditions, every one of the takeoffs mentioned above will allow you to hop on the convergence that usually starts here, at Serra da Estrela, and often takes you deep into Spain. Moderately sized FAI triangles can also be flown here, sheltered from the sea breeze by the mountains.

Flying is nothing but a privilege

We may very well find ourselves flying along eagles or even vultures! They can be so kind as to show us where the best lift is; or, if the opportunity arises, they will tuck their wings and dive for a quik snack. These moments coupled with the ever-changing perspective on gets while free-flying, either climbing with thermals or gliding effortlessly, makes this experience all the more unforgettable!

paragliding in Serra da Estrela: irresistibly tempting

Let us show you why we love what we do. Come fly with us, tandem or solo, we are looking forward to spreading our wings together!

If this tickles your curiosity or if you have any questions, leave a message below and we’ll get back to you asap!
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