Airborne, a photography book celebrating the love for paragliding

Airborne, a photography book celebrating the love for paragliding, combines a selection of images amassed through the last 10 years, most of them taken from the air flying paragliders, with short stories and captions describing what paragliding is all about.


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ISBN: 9789893350348
Brand: Montanae

-> 170 pages
-> digital offset printing
-> textile (Wicotex Brillianta) hardcover
-> novatech silk, 2-side coated, woodfree ECF, 170g/m2 paper
-> dimensions: 27 x 24 x 2 cm

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… and let us take you away on a photographic journey through Portugal, including the Azores, Spain, and the Alps: France, Italy, Switzerland and Slovenia.

In a nutshell, Airborne is about sharing with fellow pilots the joys and tribulations we go through while flying. But, for the prospective pilots out there, it’s also about conveying why would anyone run down a mountain strapped to a sheet of plastic cloth!

As such, we believe Airborne is a perfect gift for present and future pilots… or even for someone who you have been trying to explain why paragliding is such an addictive affair. It is a very high-quality product, its fabric cover feels great in the hand, and we are confident you will enjoy reading it and gazing at the images.


“It’s a real gem, packed with deeply thoughtful moments of paragliding life with a great sense of humour and photography.”
Greg Hamerton

“Airborne captures the dream that holds us all captive. The reason we fly expressed on each and every page of thrilling discovery, intrepid wanderings, beauty to behold and the infinite that lies out there yet to be seen. From bomb out to glory and everything in between, Airborne takes us on a magic carpet ride and invites us to hold on for the incredible ride.”
Gavin McClurg

“As much as I love drawing lines on maps, it’s those memories of being up there and seeing what you see which stand out. In this book the beautiful photos pay tribute to that, with a caption to evoke a thought, something that comes and goes when you pass through these landscapes, but worth keeping as a record of your journey of experiences so you can relive them later, and bring back something to share.”
Nick Neynens


“This masterpiece really managed to capture the unique point of view paragliding pilots get of nature and the world, and I’m sure it could even help non-pilots understand what flying feels like.”
Joanna Di Grígoli Genty

“An extremely high quality photography book with lots of great pictures from around the world. It was special for me to recognize the landscapes where I have already flown. Very beautiful: the book invites you to dream and makes you want to get up in the air again – to be airborne – and explore the world. Since I know how difficult it is to make a book, I also have great respect for this work. In today’s Internet age, it’s a brave step to invest so much money; new photography books are a rarity. It’s very nice to hold this book in my hands.”
Burkhard Martens



Photography and text
Pedro Ferrão Patrício
Instagram profiles: __montanae__ and pedrofp_photography
Facebook profiles: pedrofpphotography and personal profile

Ricardo Nunes

Copy editing
Tim Good

1st edition
September 2023

Print run

Photographic equipment
Canon 5D Mark II and III with Canon EF 135mm f/2L, Canon TS-E 45mm f/2.8 and Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L; Leica Q (with Leica 28mm f/1.7 Summilux)


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Airborne is at the core of the Montanae project and is entirely self published.


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